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Everyone thinks that they are a good driver, right? Yet too frequently, we just get in and go — paying little or no attention to the dangers that we know are on the road ahead. Before we know it, we are in a tight situation. Someone else has to cut us some slack, or we have to brake hard or take other even more drastic actions.

Our driver improvement program is an eight hour course designed to help experienced drivers assess the risks of a given situation, identify potential dangers more quickly, and evaluate the conditions and environments that may influence your ability to drive safely. The fact is, there are a lot of different ways to measure whether you are a “good driver” or not. Defensive driving, however, seeks more than a “good” driver. We want to help you become a “Defensive” driver.


About the program…

usnavydeathrateThe program we use was developed by the Automobile Association of America (AAA). Besides being the most widely used and accepted defensive driving program in America, we also believe it to be the best program of its type. It is interactive in nature, relying on class participation and interaction to enrich and reinforce learning.

The U.S. Navy initiated the AAA Driver Improvement Program in 1980 and as the graph shows, the Navy experienced a dramatic decline in motor vehicle death rates for years after introduction of the program.

This program includes eight hour classtime, and no behind-the-wheel driving. Sessions are typically run monthly, usually early in the month. Classes are held at our offices (see map), and conducted over 2 evenings, each being four hours in length (see class schedule and enrollment form below).

Yea, but is it for me?

People sign up for this class for one of several reasons…

Some are required by their company to take a periodic traffic safety course. Since we use curriculum from the Automobile Association of America(AAA), the program is widely accepted as a corporate or fleet traffic safety course.

Others take the class as part of a traffic diversion program. If you reached an agreement with your prosecutor or have been instructed by the court to complete a defensive driving program (or “traffic school” as some courts refer to it), this course will meet your needs. We do not talk down to anyone, but do ask that you come with an attitude that there is always something to be learned. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a to driver better! Even if you come away with just 3 or 4 new thoughts and ideas from this class, those may be the ones you’ll need to avoid what would have been your next accident.

trafficediversionSometimes, people simply recognize a deficiency in their own driving, or in the driving of a son or daughter. This program is for you too. Driving is not rocket science, but it does start with a basic understanding of some fundamental concepts. Some drivers may simply have misconceptions about these fundamentals and be limited in their ability to handle certain situations. Don’t misunderstand, this is not ‘beginner driver education’. In fact, we encourage everyone who enrolls in the class to have a minimum of one year driving experience. It may, however, clarify some concepts or misconceptions that may have been difficult for the new driver to grasp as they were learning to drive.

Kansas residents who take this program voluntarily (not under court mandate) are eligible for a discount on your auto insurance! Discounts range from about 2 to 10 percent, and will run for three years from the time you complete the class (You must supply your insurance carrier with proof of course completion.)


Tuition for the program as described above: $75.00

Mastercard™, VISA™ and Discover™ accepted. All prices subject to change.
Please note: As stated above, there is no behind-the-wheel driving included with this program. If, however, you feel driving lessons are needed, the rate for these lessons are $65 per driving hour (plus applicable fuel charges). Please call for more information about behind-the-wheel driving lessons associated with this program. To view our printable enrollment form with class schedule and instructions for enrolling in this program, CLICK HERE.