Behind The Wheel Driving Only



If you have previous driving experience, you may want to consider taking behind-the-wheel lessons only. While this is probably not the best choice for the new, first-time driver, if you already have basic driving skills, and were licensed in another state or country, this program may be suited for you. There is no classroom associated with these lessons. We focus only on in-car driving, concentrating primarily on the skills you will need in your preparation for the state road test. Our instructors are knowledgeable about the maneuvers you can expect on the test and what level of skill will be required to pass it.

Missouri residents must be 16 years old and hold a valid Missouri learner’s permit to enroll. Kansas residents are required to have a Kansas learner’s permit, which can be obtained at age 14 in Kansas. All lessons are given in our driver education vehicles, and are limited geographically to our pickup zone. While we do not drive in Missouri, we are able to pick you up anywhere along the boundary of our pickup zone, which runs south on State Line Road from 47th Street, to 159th Street, or at our office (SEE MAP FOR PICKUP ZONE). Kansas residents who live outside the pickup zone can be picked up either at our office, or at certain pubic places along the boundary of our pickup zone (please call or email us if you have specific questions about this).

behindwheeldrivingAt the conclusion of these lessons, you will be responsible for taking and passing the driving examination in your state. We do not have a required minimum number of lessons or hours that you must take. You may schedule as many or as few lessons as you desire. If you live in Kansas and would like to use our car for the state administered driving exam, we do require a minimum of three hours of driving lessons before you can go for the test. We also reserve the right to deny use of our car if the instructor does not feel you are ready for the road test and would not stand a reasonable chance of passing it. When using our vehicle for the state administered road test, the same hourly rate applies. Since we do not drive in Missouri, we do not allow our cars to be used for the Missouri road test under any circumstances.

Price for behind-the-wheel lessons: $65.00 per driving hour. (plus fuel surcharges)
Prices subject to change.
To view our printable enrollment form with instructions for enrolling in this program, CLICK HERE.